Collecting Keys
Please do not have a wasted journey and make sure you make an appointment
Do you open at the weekend?
No, we are open Monday - Friday 930am - 4pm
The only Saturday we will be open is 1 July 2017, keys will be available between 3pm - 5pm.
How do we book a viewing
Please contact one of our office and we will arrange this for you. You should try to get as many people togther in your group as possible to avoid repeat visits to a property. We prefer to give our tenants 24hours notice, some may allow us to view earlier but it is safe to work on 24hours prior notice.
How do we book a property
You need to make an appointment to come into the office 

You will need to inform us ASAP and make an appointment to come into the office and sign the tenancy agreement. When signing the tenancy agreement you will also need to give us the deposit, admin fee and post dated rent cheques.

We cannot hold or reserve properties and work on a first come first served basis.

If I sign a contract what does it mean
A contract is legally binding

A tenancy contract is a legally binding agreement you should take care to read and understand it. It will normally be binding for the period of the contract, (usually 12 months). 

Do you have safety certificates
Yes - all of the following:

A Gas Safe inspection is carried out annually
An electrical inspection is carried out every 5 years
Fire safety equipment is tested annually
Sheffield City Council HMO licences have been granted or applied for where applicable

How do I pay the rent
3 equal post-dated cheques

When signing the tenancy agreement you will need to provide 3 post dated rent cheques. Each cheque covers 4 months rent on a standard 12 month tenancy, we hold the cheques until the due dates. Please contact us for further details, we do not accept standing order or direct debit.

City Centre Properties - these vary please contact us for details
When does the contract start
Most start from 1 July to 30 June

City Centre properties vary please contact us for details
What if I want to leave before the end of the contract
You will need to find a suitable replacement

Legally you cannot do this. However if you find someone to take your place it is possible to re-arrange the contract (a charge is usually made for this). If you are sharing you will need permission from your other housemates.

How do we report repairs
Email or call into the office 

All repairs must be reported in writing: Please email us or pop into the office and fill in a repair form. We have a full time maintenance team who can respond to repairs and defects quickly

Do I need contents insurance
This is the tenants responsibility

You will to insure your own personal possessions and we will insure the building

Who pays council tax
Full Time Students are exempt

What day are the bins collected
Please visit Veolia website

Please follow the link below and enter your postcode to obtain the bin collection day. You can also find out about the different coloured bins and what to put in them. We would ask all tenants to move bins back within the curtilage of the property as soon as they have been emptied.

Is Parking included?
No - some properties have on street permit parking, some properties are totally car free, a small number have off street parking. Please contact Sheffield City Council for exact details with regards to your property
How do I book a viewing
Please call 0114 266 9700 or email 

Please call the office or email and we will arrange a suitable time for a member of the team to accompany you around a property or properties. 

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